Holly M. Harvey

Lecturer - Graphic Communications

I continue to research all aspects of graphic communication – page composition (layout), typography and color and how they are influenced by trends in culture and psychology.

Projects created in EMP 253 are designed to provide students with opportunities to use graphic communication software, to exercise principles of graphic communication, and to attempt to solve some “real world” problems. These include creating a brochure, flyer and poster, among a variety of other exercises and projects.

EMP 253 is only one facet of the Interpretation program. Students gain important hands-on experience in the use of current industry-standard computer design software in addition to traditional classroom education. A low student-to-instructor ratio ensures one-on-one instruction.

Currently, I am researching Medieval textile dye materials, and creating a timeline of their usage and introduction to Western Europe.

Specialty Area

Graphic Communications, Computer Design & Layout
Ancient and Medieval textile crafts


BA, Biology, Humboldt State University, Arcata, California

Courses Taught

ESM 253 – Interpretive Computer Graphics for Natural Resources