Kelsey McDonald

Kelsey McDonald
Alison O’Dowd, Ph.D.
Graduation Year: 

Kelsey's research examined the tidal dispersal potential of the invasive cordgrass <em>Spartina densiflora </em>from saltmarshes in Humboldt Bay (Humboldt County, California) by demonstrating the net direction and quantity of seeds drifting in tidal creeks in the saltmarshes. Kelsey also measured the buoyancy duration of <em>S. densiflora</em> seeds in still water and compare this with seeds in an orbital shaker to simulate bay and ocean conditions. The results of the buoyancy study will help to estimate how long <em>S. densiflora</em> seeds can float and therefore how far they might be able to travel in ocean and bay currents to invade other regions along the West Coast.