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Science-based knowledge and practical solutions to our environmental challenges are at the heart of the Environmental Science & Management (ESM) program. With the support of faculty and opportunities to do field research in Cal Poly Humboldt’s ecologically diverse region, you’ll explore the relationships between people and the natural world.

Program Overview

Our Environmental Science & Management (ESM) Bachelor of Science degree program explores the interactions between the biological and physical world, human institutions, and human behavior. You’ll choose one of five concentrations that will allow you to discover the intricate balance of people and nature through multiple disciplines.

Featured Alumni Profile

Tyler Compton, 2011

Interpretive Ranger, Olympic National Park

As an Interpretive Ranger with Olympic National Park, I work with a group of rangers that run the visitor center at Hurricane Ridge.

Career Options

ESM graduates are known throughout the country for being highly prepared for the job market and have gone on to pursue a variety of careers.

Here are a few examples of possible career fields.

Coastal Program Analyst
Energy Analyst
Environmental Analyst
Environmental Consultant
Environmental Scientist
Geospatial Analyst

Habitat Restoration Specialist
Natural Resource Specialist
Park Naturalist or Ranger
Project Planning:
  City/County Planner
  Environmental Planner
  Recreational Planner