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Science-based knowledge and practical solutions to our environmental challenges are at the heart of our program. With the support of faculty and opportunities to do field research in Humboldt State’s ecologically diverse region, you’ll explore the relationships between people and the natural world.

Program Overview

Our bachelor’s of science degree program explores the interactions between the biological and physical world, human institutions, and human behavior. You’ll choose one of six concentrations that will allow you to discover the intricate balance of people and nature through multiple disciplines.


Ecological Restoration
Environmental Education & Interpretation
Environmental Planning & Policy
Energy & Climate
Geospatial Science

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Ecological Restoration
Environmental Education & Interpretation
Environmental Planning
Environmental Policy
Geospatial Analysis
Natural Resource Recreation
Natural Resources

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Meet our Alumni

Garrett Costello

Garrett Costello, 2014

Job Title: Watershed Recreation Coordinator

Employer: Todd Sloat Biological Consulting

Degree: Recreation Management

Job Description: Stream & meadow restoration design & construction. Developing a regional recreation strategy. Started a kayak and canoe rental business.

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Julia Clark

Julia Clark, 2015

Job Title: Spatial Consultant

Employer: GHD

Degree: Geospatial Science

Job Description: Provide spatial science expertise to clients and colleagues on a variety of project types. Facilitate data collection, coordinate data management, conduct spatial analysis and modeling, and produce both quantitative and cartographic results and presentations.

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Danny Ulhar

Danny Ulhar, 2017

Job Title: Program Assistant

Employer: Redwood Coast Energy Authority

Degree: Energy and Climate

Job Description: Assist in the implementation, development and on-going operation of community choice energy customer services. Support Community Choice Energy team project managers with project implementation and analytics.

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Tyler Compton

Tyler Compton, 2011

Job Title: Interpretive Ranger

Employer: Olympic National Park

Degree: Natural Resources Recreation

Job Description: As an Interpretive Ranger with Olympic National Park, I work with a group of rangers that run the visitor center at Hurricane Ridge. We do everything from Ranger Programs and staffing the front desk, to roving the local trails.

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Andrew Dobbs

Andrew Dobbs, 2015

Job Title: Peace Officer - Ranger

Employer: California State Parks

Degree: Natural Resource Recreation

Job Description: As a Ranger in Santa Cruz County, I work in a very diverse area. It is an exciting career with a lot of opportunities to work anywhere in the state. Plus, I get to wear a cool Stetson.

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Daniel White

Daniel White, 2014

Job Title: Geologist

Employer: Bureau of Land Management

Degree: MS Natural Resources

Job Description: I oversee all mining projects on BLM lands in northeast Washington, including the mining itself and the reclamation of the land when mining is finished. I also work on the BLM national project team for new geothermal projects on BLM land.

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Ut Huynh

Ut Huynh, 2016

Job Title: Native Plant Nursery Technician

Employer: Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

Degree: Ecological Restoration

Job Description: Growing native plants for restoration in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area

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Kerry McNamee

Kerry McNamee, 2013

Job Title: Projects & Stewardship Director

Employer: Northcoast Regional Land Trust

Degree: Environmental Planning & Policy

Job Description: I lead the Projects Department in developing, funding and completing landscape level conservation projects which specifically includes conservation easements and habitat restoration projects.

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Ian O’Brien

Ian O’Brien, 2016

Job Title: Leadership and Trips Director

Employer: YMCA of the Rockies

Degree: Natural Resources Recreation

Job Description: Our goal is to offer challenging experiences to build leaders through life-long skill development in a safe, imaginative, natural setting. We instill confidence through independence and interpersonal skills. We challenge our campers to discover their true selves.

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Meghan Morris

Meghan Morris, 2016

Job Title: Archeological Aid

Employer: U.S. Forest Service: Fremont-Winema NF

Degree: Natural Resources Recreation

Job Description: The Forest Service stewards natural landscapes for the purpose of resource preservation. I conduct pedestrian surveys on Forest Service land as part of an EIS for timber sale.

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Career Options

Our graduates are known throughout the country for being highly prepared for the job market and have gone on to pursue a variety of careers.

Here are a few examples of possible career fields.

Coastal Program Analyst
Energy Analyst
Environmental Analyst
Environmental Consultant
Environmental Scientist
Geospatial Analyst

Habitat Restoration Specialist
Natural Resource Specialist
Park Naturalist or Ranger
Project Planning:
  City/County Planner
  Environmental Planner
  Recreational Planner