Jeffrey R. Dunk, M.S.

Lecturer - Natural Resources Conservation

Jeffrey R. Dunk, M.S.
(707) 826-4140
Natural Resources (NR) Building, Rm. 215

I have been teaching at Cal Poly Humboldt since 1993. Over this time I have tried to refine my teaching to more effectively communicate with students. One of my teaching goals is to help students to become critical thinkers. I have found that teaching has made me a much better critical thinker. I believe that faculty members should inspire their students to become better, more responsible, and more engaged citizens, as well as competent professionals in their fields of choice. Nearly a half century ago, Aldo Leopold stated that “one of the penalties of an ecological education is that one lives alone in a world of wounds.” Time in, and attention to, the landscapes I have lived, worked, and recreated in has proven this to be somewhat true. However, witnessing the enthusiasm and dedication with which so many of our students approach their academic and personal lives is inspirational to me. Similarly, many of the people in the communities of the north coast of California are working hard to reduce and eliminate the wounds Leopold wrote of. Being a part of this university and broader community has taken the “alone” out of the equation. How can we integrate our consideration for people, economies, and the particular ecology of the world’s many locations and move into the future thoughtfully and responsibly? I strive to contribute to the answers.


Specialty Area

Ecology, Rare Species Conservation, Species Distributional Modeling


B.S. Wildlife, Humboldt State University
M.S. Natural Resources, Wildlife Emphasis, Humboldt State University.

Courses Taught

ESM 105 – Natural Resources Conservation
ESM 200 - Inscape and Landscape
ESM 210 – Public Land Policy and Management
ESM 430 – Natural Resource Management in Protected Areas
SCI 100 - Being a scientist in the 21st Century


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