Jim Graham, Ph.D.

Associate Professor - Geospatial Science

Jim Graham
(707) 826-3823
Natural Resources (NR) Building, Rm. 217

I love maps and I am very concerned with the decisions we are making in how we interact with the earth. I have combined these interests into using spatial data and software to analyze how we are impacting the earth and to model how our decisions may influence future generations.

I teach introductory to advanced GIS classes including programming and modeling. The introductory classes focus on the ArcGIS software that is popular within the United States but I also inform students of the growing body of GIS software, including my own.

For more information, please see my web site.

Specialty Area

Spatial analysis, habitat suitability modeling


Spatial analysis, habitat suitability modeling
Ph.D. in Forestry (GIS), 2006, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado

Courses Taught

GSP 270 - Introduction to GIS
GSP 318 - Geospatial Programming I
GSP 370 - Intermediate GIS
GSP 470 - Advanced GIS
GSP 570 - Geospatial Modeling
GSP 418 - Geospatial Programming II


Jim researches appropriate methods for applying spatial analysis to a wide variety of natural resource management issues.  He specializes in habitat suitability modeling.

Current Graduate Students

Name Thesis
Melissa Kobetsky
Maddie McNerthney