Roxann Schroeder, Ph.D.


Roxann Schroeder, Ph.D.
(707) 826-4167
Science A (SciA) Building, Rm. 355C

I have always had a dual career passion – science (especially biology) and reading/writing. After completing my graduate education, I became the Managing Editor of a research methods website. This allowed me for the first time to combine my two strengths, and learn about using the web to communicate. Since 2000 I have combined freelance science writing and editing with teaching.

I love teaching, especially when I can help a student understand a concept that had eluded them for some time. Learning should be about understanding, never about memorizing; facts can always be looked up if you know what you need. I have designed the Grant Writing class to be a practical and useful course where students get hands-on practice writing a grant proposal.

Specialty Area

Science Writing and Editing


PhD – Stony Brook University, Cell and Developmental Biology
MS – University of Houston, Biology
BS – University of Wisconsin – Madison, Zoology

Courses Taught

ESM 435 – Grant Proposal Writing


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