Publications and achievements submitted by our faculty, staff, and students.

Faculty Steve Martin Environmental Science & Management The U.S. Secretary of the Interior has appointed Prof. Steve Martin to the Bureau of Land Management's Resource Advisory Council for Northern California. The Council provides advice to the federal agency regarding the management of public land resources.

Submitted: October 2, 2023

Faculty Kerry Byrne Environmental Science & Management Dr. Kerry Byrne (Associate Professor, Environmental Science and Management) was awarded a sabbatical research grant from Western SARE (Sustainable Agriculture, Research, and Education) to work with collaborator Dr. Kelly Hopping at Boise State University on a project entitled "Seeds underhoof: can the soil seed bank facilitate restoration of sheep-grazed, cheatgrass-invaded rangelands?" Details of the award can be found here:

Submitted: August 25, 2023

Student Johnathon A. Macias Environmental Science & Management Johnathon A. Macias published the peer-reviewed paper “Highlighting the Disconnect Between Legislation and Sustainable Cannabis” in the newly released ideaFest Journal.

Submitted: November 21, 2022

Student Jasmine Williamshen, Alison O'Dowd, Kyle De Juilio, Nicholas Som, Darren Ward, Brian Williamshen Environmental Science & Management Former ESM graduate student Jasmine Williamshen and co-authors Alison O'Dowd (ESM professor), Kyle De Juilio (Yurok Tribe Fisheries Program), Nicholas Som (USFWS), Darren Ward (Fisheries professor) and Brian Williamshen (UC Davis) published a paper entitled, "Restoration pulse flows from a California dam temporarily increase drifting invertebrate biomass concentration" in the Journal of Environmental Management (

Submitted: November 21, 2022

Faculty Alison O'Dowd Environmental Science & Management Dr. Alison O'Dowd, with collaborators in the Yurok Tribe and Hoopa Valley Tribe, was awarded $123,000 by the Trinity River Restoration Program to explore the effects of scour and marginal inundation on Trinity River invertebrate communities. River invertebrates are an important food resource for salmonids and this study will investigate if longer periods of winter inundation can bolster invertebrate populations.  The other aspect of the study will use monthly invertebrate sampling to see if high-flow winter scouring events can 're-set' the system and increase fish food later in the season (as has been shown in other research).

Submitted: October 24, 2022

Faculty Alison O'Dowd Environmental Science & Management ESM Professor Alison O'Dowd received >$800,000 in grants and matching funds to do a 5-year food web study related to the removal of 4 large dams on the Klamath River.  The study includes collaborators at the Karuk Tribe and UC Davis to look at food resources and diet of salmonids in tributary and mainstem sites on the Klamath River before, during and after dam removal.  This research will explore the resiliency of culturally-important salmonids during high sediment loads released during dam removal.

Submitted: September 23, 2022

Faculty Alison O'Dowd Environmental Science & Management Dr. Alison O’Dowd received a grant from the California Wildlife Conservation Board to support research into salmonid food webs in the Klamath River. The project seeks to understand the food webs dynamics associated with Klamath Dam removal by examining the water quality, salmonid food resources and diet in the mainstem Klamath River and associated tributaries before, during, and after Klamath dam removal. Findings will inform management of fisheries and fish food resources associated with future dam removal projects. It will also advance the field of disturbance ecology by documenting the effects of a large-scale ‘planned’ disturbance.

Submitted: September 9, 2022

Faculty Jeffrey Dunk Environmental Science & Management Jeffrey Dunk received a continuing grant from the Teton Raptor Center to support a collaborative project with scientists from Teton Raptor Center, University of Wyoming, and a consulting firm. The project is focused on developing an eagle conservation prioritization tool for the entire state of Wyoming that integrates eagle habitat, risks, protected areas, and other species values. The end-product will be a web-based decision support tool for managers, industry, conservationists, and others.

Submitted: September 1, 2022

Student Sam Kelly, Cessair McKinney, and Kerry Byrne Environmental Science & Management Sam Kelly and Cessair McKinney (Environmental Science and Management undergraduates), and ESM faculty Kerry Byrne published a restoration note on the efficacy of a Photography App to enumerate native seeds in the journal Ecological Restoration. Their work was supported in part by GI 2025 funding, and their article was published Open Access thanks to the Sponsored Program Foundation. Access the article here:

Submitted: March 24, 2022

Student Allison Nunes and Kerry Byrne Environmental Science & Management Former Natural Resources graduate student Allison Nunes and advisor Kerry Byrne (ESM) published a paper in the Journal of Arid Environments. The paper describes the effects of experimental drought and shrub microsite on the seed bank of two sagebrush steppe plant communities in southern Oregon. It is available Open Access:

Submitted: March 23, 2022

Faculty Dr. Steven Steinberg Environmental Science & Management

Dr. Steinberg (Adjunct Professor, Geospatial Sciences) is one of a select group of State Department Exchange Program Alumni chosen to participate in the upcoming Thematic International Exchange Seminar (TIES) on “Environmental Diplomacy and its Impact on American Society”

In February 2022, alumni from across the United States will convene in Denver, Colorado to explore the economics of environmentalism with a focus on how to build new green infrastructure, transition to renewable energy, increase environmental justice, and support sustainable environmental practices that create new economic opportunities.

Submitted: September 27, 2021

Faculty Alison O'Dowd Environmental Science & Management

ESM Professor Alison O'Dowd and co-authors published a paper in River Research & Applications entitled 'Toward natural approaches in restoration: Experiments of co-evolving physical and biological structures in a self-organizing step-pool channel.' The article is available in open access at

Submitted: August 31, 2021

Faculty Kerry Byrne (ESM), Kellie Jo Brown (Marcomm) Environmental Science & Management

Kerry Byrne, Assistant Professor (ESM) published a paper in the journal Rangeland Ecology and Management entitled "Technical Note: A Rapid Method to Estimate Root Production in Grasslands, Shrublands, and Forests." Many thanks to Kellie Jo Brown (HSU Marketing and Communications) for taking excellent photographs for this paper.
See the abstract here:

Submitted: April 21, 2021

Student Samantha Kelly, Cessair McKinney Environmental Science & Management

Sam Kelly (Environmental Science and Management Senior) and Cessair McKinney (December 2020 Environmental Science and Management graduate) presented their capstone research project at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research. Their talk was titled "Innovation in Restoration: Estimating Seed Counts Using a Photography App." Read their published abstract here:

Submitted: April 15, 2021

Student Blenna Kiros, Diana I. Martinez Environmental Science & Management

Alumni Blenna Kiros Geography Department and Diana Martinez Environmental Science & Management wrote the article Behind the Redwood Curtain published in Platform Magazine. The article can be found on pages 10-15.

Submitted: March 22, 2021

Student Blenna Kiros Environmental Science & Management

Alumni Diana I. Martinez Environmental Science & Management & Blenna Kiros Geography wrote an article Behind the Redwood Curtain published in Platform Magazine.

Submitted: March 19, 2021

Student Sarah Aguiar (ESM undergraduate) and Kerry Byrne (ESM Assistant Professor) Environmental Science & Management

Undergraduate Sarah Aguiar (ESM) received a $6,400 science fellowship from the Agricultural Research Institute for her proposed study to track phenology of California poppies from different parts of California and Baja California. She will be working with mentor Dr. Kerry Byrne (ESM) on the project.

Submitted: February 8, 2021

Faculty Alison O'Dowd Environmental Science & Management

ESM professor Alison O'Dowd recently published a chapter "Urbanizing River Channels" in the Treatise on Geomorphology (2020).

Submitted: January 26, 2021

Faculty Dr. Steven Steinberg and Dr. Sheila Steinberg Environmental Science & Management

The Steinbergs are pleased to announce the release of their new edited volume, Resilient Communities across Geographies (Esri Press, 2021). The book presents a collection of case studies examining the application of geographic information systems (GIS) to environmental and socioeconomic challenges for analysis, planning, and, ultimately, more resilient communities. Each chapter explores a spatially driven approach to challenges of environments and communities working to achieve and support resilience.

Submitted: December 28, 2020

Faculty Alison O'Dowd Environmental Science & Management

ESM Professor Alison O'Dowd was invited to give a talk at Portland State University on "Impacts of dams and an opportunity for renewal: Case studies of the Elwha and Klamath River Dams" on November 13, 2020.

Submitted: December 7, 2020